• 1. Create appointment
  • 2. Receive responses
  • 3. Finalise
  • Finding a suitable date for an event can be a difficult task.
    Datumprikker.nl makes it easy!

    In just a few simple steps you will create an appointment, suggest some locations and dates and invite the participants.

  • Every participant will receive an email containing a personal link with which they can provide their availability.

    When a participant has responded, you will receive an e-mail. This way you will allways be informed of progress.

  • When everyone has responded or there are enough responses to make a choice, you can set the final date and location.

    All participants will then receive a confirmation of the events final date and location.

Find a suitable date and location
for your appointment; fast and easy!

Arranging an event often requires many phone calls and emails to multiple people in order to establish a suitable date and location. Datumprikker.nl takes away this hassle by allowing you to create an event, select possible dates and invite a group of participants.

Everyone who is invited receives an email with a link where they can easily respond to the suggested dates. As the administrator you can keep track of the progress and, once you have sufficient input, select the final date and location.

So far, 4.556.844 events have been made, including 132.924 in the last month.

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