Boudoir Le Mariage

hippolytusbuurt 8, Delft

My name is Monif and i am pleased to formally introduce you the opening of the Boudoir Le Mariage.

As a Chef and owner, I have now the freedom to unleash my culinary creativity for those who appreciate cooking with meaning, originality, and honesty.

The Gastronomic formula is based simply on fresh products with certified origin, culinary techniques and specific procedures to enhance textures and synthesize flavours. This, combine with my experience in different latitudes around the world creates a wonderful opportunity to offer it directly, face to face in my open kitchen where you can always watch us cook.

There are 3 unbreakable rules in my kitchen:

-Intense dedication -Respect for the product -No redundancy of flavors.

Come and Discover my cooking and join our gastronomic bubble in Delft at Boudoir Le Mariage.

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