Pianeta Terra

beulingstraat 7, Amsterdam

Our Chef Fabio Antonini is an Ambassador of the Slow Food Alliance network of Chefs that protects food biodiversity around the world. We do our utmost to support small local producers by using their products every day, as well as those of the Slow Food Presidia and The Ark of Taste.

When we opened Pianeta Terra in 2000, we made a conscious decision to always work with organic, natural and sustainable produce.

Experimentation and creativity is at the heart of what we do. Honouring the values of both the past and the present, we fuse innovation, tradition and imagination to treat the palate to culinary courses that are at once harmonious and unique.

Our menu tells our story. A story of travels made, of cultures encountered, of passions followed. A story we want to share with you. Through the dishes we prepare. Dishes that combine the local produce of today with the global flavours of our past.


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