H. Burger

de clercqstraat 128, Amsterdam

Here is my untold story, where it all began… A story that is inspired by many memorable days and nights of my youth, when I was exploring and experiencing the new world ahead of me. I am a curious person, keen to tap into the unknown, and adventurous enough to try almost everything at least once. My travels all over the world, brought close friendships, long conversations that went into the wee hours of the night, novels were read, art was admired and good food was enjoyed. What can I say… I love my food! I take different cuts of pure and honest sourced all-natural beef, mince it fresh, prepare it by hand and cook it medium so it’s effortlessly juicy and tasty. I place it in a freshly baked organic brioche bun without any pretentious distractions. Serve it with a smile in an inspiring, cool and laid-back living room environment in Amsterdam. And that’s it! So here I am sharing my passion. I look forward to meeting you…

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