Man Nam

Goudsesingel 39, Rotterdam

Man Nam means meeting in Korean. Man Nam is a place where you can experience authentic Korean food as you can taste in Korea When you are having dinner at Man Nam, you will feel as if you are back in Korea ​Our logo represents people hugging each other which means we are all connected and Man Nam will connect us with the food Man Nam is where different cultures meet Korean culture. Man Nam only serves authentic Korean food and food is influenced by Southern Korean style where spice and fermentation are used to create taste explosion ​ We prefer to do things right, even that means more preparation time. Our banchans are made from fresh ingredients daily and will use local vegatables Man Nam uses old Korean family recipes that are approved by Koreans We try best to cook honest food and no intention to sell any food that we don't believe We respect craftsmanship of chefs and other cuisines Our goal is reaching that ultimate balance of tastes

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